We envision a world where access to sustainable infrastructure and livable environment will not be restricted to any human being based on social, economic or spatial status

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Our Focus Areas

The company provides expertise in conceptualizing, designing and planning of complex infrastructure in transport, housing, power, communication technology, environment, urban system and services. AI personnel have considerable expertise in designing and planning infrastructure. Urban and metropolitan plans, architectural drawings and structural drawings for buildings and infrastructure are areas where AI has outstanding knowledge and experience.

The company undertakes construction and delivery of strategic installations in the transport, housing, power, communication technology, environment, urban system and services. AI recognized that projects implementation and delivery is the significant bond between people and their environment, hence the organization engages in construction and delivery of projects adopting best practices and contemporary technology. AI seeks to rank among the best in this sector.


Parts of AI portfolio in this sector include construction of new projects, procurement, installation, renovation and rehabilitation, and turn around maintenance. Projects include but not limited to buildings, roads, drainage, dredging, water, power and telecommunications among others.

Among the core areas of AI activities are the management of city services, infrastructure maintenance, operation of social and economic facilities, and management of projects. Often, in the project development chain, there is gap between project delivery, maintenance and operations; AI has been well positioned to provide remarkable maintenance and management services to buildings and infrastructure.

AI provides consultancy services, conduct research and training in urban development and infrastructure delivery. It engages in policy intervention and publications on urban development, land, environment and infrastructure. Research, training and policy intervention is at the heart of AI’s operation with a view to linking practice, knowledge and experience in the infrastructure sector.


AI operate flexible project delivery models such as Design and Deliver; Design, Build and Transfer; Design, Build, Operate and Transfer or any other delivery model. It offers Project Management, Project Feasibility, Assessment, Monitoring and Evaluation services. The organization also explores opportunities provided by the Public Private Partnership, Private-Private Partnership or Community Private Partnership as the case may be in delivering its projects.

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